Tunisia’s Ghannouchi: ‘No room for conflict while facing coronavirus’

The speaker of the Tunisian People’s Assembly announced that Parliament’s activities must be maintained during the crisis.
Tunisia’s Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi stated on Thursday that: “There is no room for conflict or disagreement. Our most urgent priority is unity in facing the crisis.”
This came in a speech delivered by Ghannouchi during the opening of a plenary session in Parliament, devoted to approving exceptional measures that guarantee the continuity of activities in Parliament and the country in general, while confronting the spread of COVID-19.
Addressing the deputies, Ghannouchi added: “Our unity is the secret of our strength in facing this challenge, as all the acting forces in the country expressed a collective awareness of necessity to unify the national front.”
He continued: “The successive developments require us to adapt our means of work towards it, and for this reason, the People’s Assembly needs to consider many proposals. It is imperative to maintain Parliament’s activities in accordance with new mechanisms that will be approved during this session.”
Ghannouchi added: “Parliament is to double its efforts in coordination with the executive authority to facilitate tasks and exchange information, enabling speed and effective interaction to achieve what …

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