6 Solid, Scientific Reasons to Stay Calm

coronavirus panic

Coronavirus panic

has been intense, extreme and out-of-control worldwide in the last 2-3 months. As I have covered in other articles, this hysteria has been promoted by scientists, the MSM (Mainstream Media) and governments who are controlled by a deeper force and who are motivated to generate and exploit the fear – in order to roll out the various NWO (New World Order) agendas while people are distracted and afraid. Of course, it is wise to be prepared and aware; it is wise to have essential supplies on hand, to practice thoughtful hygiene and to have a range of natural supplements to boost your immunity. I am not saying there is nothing to worry about; I am saying the response must be proportional to the threat. Fear and stress themselves lower the immune system. Hear are 6 solid, scientific reasons that you can adjust your response to be more in accordance with the actual threat you are facing. It is worth remembering that there are far bigger agendas at play here – including attacks on essential long-established rights and freedoms – that you need to be aware of, which pose a much bigger threat to you than a virus will come and go.

1. UK Expert Health Panel Quietly Downgrades COVID-19, Classified as No Longer Infectious

As of March 19th 2020, the UK Government’s top medical advice panel announced that COVID-1

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