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The World War II lull that occurred following Westminster’s Declaration of War on Germany on September 3 1939, was known as the Phony War.  By June 1940, France had twice invaded and briefly occupied its German neighbour’s territory.
What some called the Bore War finally ended in early June 1940. Germany, having learned that a front would soon open with the same tragic consequences as The Western Front in WWI preemptively occupied Northern France.
Western Front battles scythed the lives of 3.5 million young German and Allied troops; the flowers of Europe were ruthlessly destroyed. By preemptively striking, the Reich frustrated England’s plan to invade Germany through France. There would be no second Western Front.
As a consequence of England being denied a repeat Western Front, 2 million Allied soldiers lives were saved and 5.5 million saved from being wounded. Today, those men Adolf Hitler saved denigrate their saviour.
Immediately, urged on by powerful behind the scenes actors, unelected half-American Winston Churchill desperately sought any excuse to round up thousands of anti-war citizens the warlord described as ‘enemy aliens’ or ‘being of dubious loyalty’.
Many thousands of unfortunates were merely critics of Churchill’s war aims. Homes were raided and thousands of innocent people were imprisoned, interned and exiled merely because they were of German or Italian extraction.  In some cases, these unfortunates were second or third generation Britons; many had served in the British armed forces.
Assisting England’s government in justifying mass arrests without trial was one of the most notorious spinners of fifth column nonsense. Sir Nevile Bland was the British Minister to the Dutch Government in The Hague.  James Hayward, the …



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