Demoncrats show their true evil Agenda in Washington by blocking the stimulus package
                                                                                                       Article by Leo Zagami

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and President Trump struck a deal on a multibillion-dollar stimulus package ten days ago, but today, the Democrats decided to politicize the whole matter and block the bill, putting the lives of millions of Americans in jeopardy in front of the biggest crisis since World War II.
America is witnessing a major screw-up by the Democrats. Republican Ted Cruz gave the final blow to any credibility the Democrats had on the COVID-19 issue. Cruz sent a powerful and heartfelt message to Congress today regarding the present Chinese virus crisis. It was a historical address stressing the immediate necessity to act fast in a crisis that is unfolding quickly.
Americans have been living in a deeply divided society. The many attempts to bring down Trump by the infamous Deep State has left us feeling we can’t trust anything coming out of Washington anymore. However, we don’t have time to waste on petty politics, the health of many Americans is at risk right now and there is a Chinese bioweapon on the loose! The attitude of the Democrats is both anti-American and extremely dangerous at present. Tom Cotton rightly described the Democrats’ delay on the coronavirus relief package today as: “Disgraceful.”
Partisan tension erupted on Monday after the Senate failed for the second time to advance a massive stimulus package, but they have also failed the American people. The Demoncrats have blocked the stimulus package to advance their agenda in this invisible war to save lives and give the American people some comfort that they are not in this alone.
In Revelation, God gives one .

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