Hospitals in NYC are nearly “maxed out” due to coronavirus infections and deaths

(Natural News) An influx of new patients with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is reportedly overwhelming the hospital system in New York City, which is already on the verge of being “maxed out,” according to former United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) head Scott Gottlieb.
Speaking to CNBC, Gottlieb, who no longer works in the Trump administration, warned that there simply aren’t enough hospital beds in the Big Apple to accommodate all of the new patients seeking medical care. Within weeks, he added, sick patients will probably start getting turned away.
“New York City hospitals right now are on the brink of what I would call being maxed out in terms of their available capacity,” Gottlieb is quoted as saying.
“New York has another about five weeks to go for this between now and when they’re going to hit peak hospitalizations, so the fact that they’re stretched right now is worrisome.”
More than 15,500 people in New York City are said to have the Chinese Virus (COVID-19), and some 192 people thus far in the city are said to have died from it. Both of these numbers are expected to increase, according to Johns Hopkins University, if hospitals end …

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