Italy can charge fines of over $3,200 and TAKE THE CAR of anyone who violates national lockdown

(Natural News) To better enforce their national lockdown, Italy may begin imposing bigger fines for violating quarantine. The new fines may go as high as 3,000 euros ($3,245) per violation. Police officers will also have the power to seize the vehicles of the offenders.
The Italian government, led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, is expected to approve the fines. The current fine for lockdown violations only goes as high as 206 euros ($222).
Under the Italian government’s current lockdown rules, nobody is allowed to go outside unless for essential business, which includes doing groceries, going to work, going to the hospital, or taking care of young or elderly family members. Some regions in Italy have enacted stronger rules. In the northern region of Lombardy, where the Italian outbreak first started, all outdoor physical and sports activities, even if done individually, are banned. Even the use of vending machines has been forbidden.
On Saturday, Italy reported a record-high 793 deaths in the country, which prompted the government to expand the already very strict national lockdown. Every single “non-essential” business in the country has been temporarily shuttered. The only businesses and institutions that can remain open are supermarkets and grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and post offices.
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