88 Simple Truths About the Virus, the Pandemic and Everything in Between

88 simple truths

The coronavirus outbreak began just before January. 2020. It feels like a long time ago. Here are 88 simple truths about the virus, the pandemic and everything in between – to briefly outline and summarize the wild ride we’ve been on.


1. Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of a sick person.

2. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of a healthy person.

3. Assuming people are guilty for potentially carrying the virus and potentially spreading the virus breaks long-established fundamental legal principles in many nations, especially the Western legal tradition of innocent until proven guilty.

4. Assuming asymptomatic carriers are “suspects” turns ordinary people into criminals in the New War on Bioterror.


5. There is just as much validity in declaring that “we are now at war with a new invisible enemy” as there as in proclaiming that “we at now at peace with a new unseen protector.” Which belief system you choose is entirely up to you; you will create a reality

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