Facing Reality; Humanity has Passed the Point of No Return.

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By Willem Felderhof

There are numerous aspects in the art of aviation that express the beauty of the job as an airline pilot. One of that those is the ever-present challenge to commence the never achievable “perfect” flight under the most difficult flight technical and operational conditions.

My deep and unconditional love for aviation is very much in line for my deep and unconditional love for life itself. The mystical aspects in aviation are reflecting life and the human experience in such a profound way. Highly effective failure management and crew resource management (CRM) techniques applied in aviation, which enhance flight crew performance, are also very applicable to life itself. Especially during the challenging and deteriorating conditions humanity is facing in the current timeframe.

In aviation exists the so-called V1-speed concept. V1 speed is the takeoff decision speed. It is the speed above which the take off has to continue even if an engine fails, explodes, or ANY other problem occurs. Aborting a takeoff after V1 speed will result in a runway overshoot since the aircraft will not be able to stop before the end of the runway. So we have to let go of our instincts, get off the

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