Truth About Cancer

About Ty & Charlene and “The Truth About Cancer”

It all started in 1996, six months after we were married, when we took Ty’s 52 year old father, Graham Bollinger, went to the hospital with severe stomach pains. Over the course of less than a day, the prognosis morphed from “gallstones” to “advanced stomach cancer” and the doctors removed over 75% of Graham’s stomach.

The doctors told us that Dad would have about 2 years to live, if we didn’t do chemotherapy. He only lived another 25 days. He died from the surgery. He bled to death.

Charlene, Ty, Dad, Mom – taken in 1996

After Dad died, we embarked on a mission to discover all we could about cancer treatments and therapies that might have helped prolong his life. We were shocked to learn that there were multiple effective cancer treatments that may have helped him, but we didn’t have the freedom to access them in the USA.

Over the course of the next several years, we lost 6 other close family members to cancer (and its ineffective treatments), culminating with the loss of Ty’s precious mother, Jerry Bollinger, in 2004.

We’ve now been on our “mission” for over 2 decades. During that time, we’ve uncovered some shocking information – doctors are being persecuted, successful treatments have been “banned” and people are dying because they do NOT have the freedom to choose the best treatment protocol for their particular condition.

We firmly believe that if Mom, Dad, and all our other family members had access to “advanced” cancer treatments (many of which are not “allowed” in the USA), they might still be alive today. It’s now our mission to share the TRUTH with the world.

And the truth is that we should all have the freedom to choose!

… freedom to choose the best cancer treatment protocol

… freedom to say “yes” or “no” to chemotherapy

… freedom to “try” a treatment that hasn’t been “approved” by the FDA

… freedom to vaccinate

… freedom NOT to vaccinate

Without freedom, we are no different from any of the many totalitarian dictatorships across the globe.

We will NEVER STOP fighting to protect our health freedom!

Testimonial_Sherri Hall

“I have never felt better! Thank you for doing all the work that you do. The book and videos Ty has produced have been amazing.”

– Shari Hall Smith
Pittsford, New York  USA

“Thanks for all you continue to do on behalf of those committed to finding safer & immune system-honoring approaches to eliminating & preventing this disease.”

– Deb Langhans
Friday Harbor, Washington, USA

“2015 started with a diagnosis of breast cancer for me. Watching The Truth About Cancer in November with my mom, a breast cancer survivor, was certainly very timely. I am glad I took notes! It was a very informative series and I am so glad I had it before. Trying to slow down a bit to focus and  make good decisions. 
Thank you for your work to educate people on this all too common disease.”

– Pam Covi

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