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Dane Wigington

For over 7 decades covert climate engineering / solar radiation management (SRM) programs have been insidiously expanding and accelerating in skies around the world. The catastrophic consequences of global geoengineering operations are now manifesting at an unimaginably exponential rate. The ongoing climate intervention SRM aerosol spraying assault is blatantly visible in the skies above us, yet, the majority of global populations have so far, unfortunately, chosen to blindly accept the official denial of these programs. “Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment” is a compilation of almost 250 categorized articles which address the most relevant questions about the critical climate engineering issue. The text is intended to provide a record of this research and the conclusions it produced. The accompanying DVD is titled “Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, And The Collapse Of Civilization”. With over 3 hours of total content, this DVD contains multiple menu options including comprehensive power point presentations, compelling aircraft aerosol spraying film footage, and a testimony of experts which include former government scientists, former pilots, and physicians. This informational package also comes with a just assembled and released, very comprehensive, 20 page full color 6 x 9 booklet that contains the most hard hitting and undeniable climate engineering facts and photos available. This critical awareness raising tool is printed on full glossy 100lb heavy paper to make it more durable. 

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