Notes on NETWORK by Paddy Chayefsky & Sidney Lumet as reviewed by 'Trevor Lynch' — Populism and Prophetism in the Jewish Consciousness

1. There are two ways to watch a movie. You can look AT it, or you can look THROUGH it. Children and childish mentalities take things at face value. People who know better try to see the real face behind the facade, the mask. Of course, on some level, unmasking art/entertainment is ultimately futile because the face behind the mask is just another mask, and another face behind that mask is yet another mask. It’s like those movie-within-a-movie conundrums: When we realize the movie we are watching is actually a movie-being-made-within-the-movie, the movie crew on screen is being shot by yet another movie crew behind the camera. So, no matter how many movie-within-a-movie tricks the movie pulls, there is always one more camera that remains outside the purview of the movie’s space. That final/hidden camera can be revealed by directing it straight at a mirror, but that would hardly make for a movie.

Our paradoxical relation to arts/entertainment suggests much about the nature of the mind. People seek out art/entertainment for escape, illusion, magic, myth, and/or the narrative. Reality is so complex, confusing, chaotic, and multi-faceted that it’s impossible to process and absorb all of it. Indeed, even without art/entertainment,

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