Response to Intelligent Dasein's Argument against HBD — The Need for White Racial Survival & Shamelessness — Wartime Ideology for the Struggle for Survival

This essay reminded me of a Peanuts comic strip. Lucy is lying on a mound with Linus and Charlie Brown and asks them what they see in the clouds. Linus describes the immaculate visions of his hyperactive imagination. Next, Charlie Brown says he was gonna say he saw a ducky and a horsie.

Well, I can only offer a Charlie Browny version of what Race Talk is really about. I don’t get metaphysics and other sophisticated stuff Intelligent Dasein wrote about at length. Such intellectual stuff goes over my head. I don’t know if it’s highbrow or highfalutin.
Professor Dasein or Doctor Dasein gave us a Linusy version of HBD(or against HBD), but most people will better understand a stripped down Browny Version, or Race Talk in horsie-and-ducky pictures.

First off, we need to pare down Race Talk to a particular perspective and interest. The problem with the concept of HBD is it sounds disinterested. It sounds like an objective scientific query into the diversity of mankind, especially along racial and ethnic lines. It gives the impression that it’s interested in humans the way botany is with plants or frogology with various species of frogs. In truth, HBD is an ideology and agenda

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