US AFRICOM Wages ‘Infowar’ On Russia In North Africa – Releases Rare MiG Footage

US AFRICOM Wages ‘Infowar’ On Russia In North Africa – Releases Rare MiG Footage

Tyler Durden

Sat, 06/06/2020 – 11:51


The U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) released a new video this week that shows an alleged Russian MiG-29 jet on its way to Libya.

According to AFRICOM, they obtained video footage of a Russian aircraft moving towards Libya in May, but they did not specify where it came from.

Russian MiG-29 Fulcrum file image, via Pinterest.

“It is important to expose activity that is preventing Africans from achieving a stable and more secure future,” said Colonel Christopher Karns.

“Adding Russian fighter aircraft into a very complex and challenging situation in Libya, adds chaos, heightens tension, and deserves spotlighted attention. Russian officials continue to deny their involvement despite very tangible evidence,” he continued.

In the video they released, it is apparent that the aircraft is a MiG-29 jet, which is what the U.S. accused Russia of providing the Libyan National Army (LNA) recently.

The MiG-29 jet was reportedly transferred from Syria to Libya last month, as the Russian Ministry of Defense sent a more advanced version of the aircraft to the Arab Republic after the delivery.

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Two weeks ago AFRICOM commander Army Gen. Stephen Townsend said: “Russia is clearly trying to tip the scales in its favor in Libya. Just like I saw them doing in Syria, they are expanding their military footprint in Africa using government-supported mercenary groups like Wagner.”

“Neither the LNA nor private military companies can arm, operate and sustain these fighters without state support  support they are getting from Russia.”

“Russia has employed state-sponsored Wagner in Libya to conceal its direct role and to afford Moscow plausible deniability of its malign actions,” the AFRICOM statement said.

However, the Kremlin has long denied its military intervention in Libya, instead accusing Washington of destabilizing the region, especially given its direct role in toppling Gaddafi in the 2011 war. 

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