COVID: Fake study, Fake drug, Fake land of loons

    by Jon Rappoport

    June 10, 2020

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    As many of you know, a major study on the drug, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), has been retracted by the Lancet, a mere 13 days after it was published. That might be a world record.

    The study, using a gigantic data set of 96,000 patients in 671 hospitals, concluded the drug was useless for treating COVID-19 patients, and posed health dangers.

    The study (briefly) had the effect of convincing medical professionals, governments, media, and the public that HCQ was a total failure. A COVID drug would have to come from somewhere else.

    Only one problem:

    The authors of the study and the Lancet reviewers now confess the data can’t be found. The strong suggestion is, the data never existed.

    The relentless and brilliant journalist, Celia Farber, covers the whole sordid story at She points out that “Remdesivir, [the toxic COVID drug] ‘touted’ by Anthony Fauci…costs $1,000 per pill, whereas HCQ’s generic price is $0.64.” That’s called a clue.

    And, of course, the plan is to keep the whole COVID farce going long enough to make the Bill Gates vaccine the primary instrument of treatment, through “prevention.”

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