Juicing Tips from The Juice Lady – Part 2

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Video Transcript: Juicing Tips from The Juice Lady – Part 2

So what is in celery that, in the studies, have shown to fight cancer? It’s apigenin, one of those phytonutrients, powerful phytonutrients that fight cancer and it suppresses, prevents, reverses cancer, it inhibits angiogenesis. Let’s go back for a moment in memory to that slide where you saw the blood vessels, the gravy train, right? Gravy train out to the tumor. And apigenin comes along and starts going like this, cutting off the blood supply, the oxygen, the nutrients to those tumors. Very powerful. I know of one study with rats and mice and breast cancer, and they found celery juice was curing breast cancer in mice. So that’s very exciting. I’m familiar with a study that’s going on right now, it’s not published, it’s current, with women and breast cancer looking at what’s going to happen with celery juice and breast cancer. So I would encourage, and it isn’t just for breast cancer, anyone with cancer, to start juicing celery every single day.

Carrot juice, loaded with polyacetylenes. That’s another one of those phytonutrients that inhibit cancer

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