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In 2016, Sterling Byassee was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since his family has a history of prostate cancer, he felt fairly prepared for what was to come with the surgery and subsequent radiation if PSA testing doesn’t go well a month post-operation. Sterling’s doctor instructed him to continue on with life just as he normally would, but something inside Sterling told him to do more with his lifestyle after the surgery. He saw how his family members went down this very same path, and it always ends up the same way, so he wanted to do something different. When he got home, he contacted someone he knew that practiced alternative therapy, specifically The Gerson Diet.

Sterling proceeded to follow The Gerson Diet to the best of his capabilities over the course of 10 days, but he quickly realized that he was going to need a little more help. He contacted that same natural health practitioner, and he was given one of our docu-series by a friend of his that was in the middle of his own healing journey. From that point on, Sterling found himself immensely supported not only by trusted