National Guard Soldier Watched Her Own Brother Get Teargassed While Deployed

(TMU) — In a recent report, Politico interviewed ten members of the National Guard who had recently been deployed to suppress demonstrations in different parts of the country, and found that many of them felt uncomfortable with the role that they were being asked to perform.

Some of the troops who were interviewed even expressed support for the demonstrations and said that they would have been among the protesters in the streets if they were not required to be in uniform instead.

Pvt. Si’Kenya Lynch of the DC National Guard was one of the soldiers who said that she supported the protesters. She also revealed that her brother was among the group of protesters she faced that was teargassed.

She said that she saw him coughing a lot after the tear gas was fired into the crowd, but added that she understood why he was there.

“I was happy to see him out there … to walk for me when I couldn’t,” she explained.

Another guardsman who was interviewed described their deployment as “F***ed up,” and said that they were ordered to forcefully disperse crowds that had gathered peacefully.

“The crowd was loud but peaceful, and at no point did I feel

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