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PANDEMIC “Oddities”

There are lots of things about this pandemic that seem a bit “off,” starting with its origin. We reported in early February that reports that the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan food market were false. We reported that the virus was likely man-made and probably originated in a secret bio lab in Wuhan.

That story was widely criticized, and virtually all major media outlets insisted that the virus was natural, that its transmission originated with bats, and that it definitely started spreading from the food market. But that narrative – even according to the U.S. government – is changing.

We’ve now learned that the market in Wuhan doesn’t even sell bats, and that the nature of this virus is unique in a way not possible through natural means. In a unique turn of events, even a major media outlet like the New York Post has begun to call out the media for obstructing the truth. They published an article about 3 weeks after ours questioning the origin story we’d been given regarding the coronavirus.

Here’s their story:

Way back on Feb. 23, The Post ran an opinion piece by Steven Mosher