5G Battle Over Health Risks In Switzerland

Many Swiss citizens DO NOT want 5G (see 1, 2) AND there have been moratoriums already issued in some parts of the country (see 1, 2) including Geneva.

Thanks to Smart Meter News for this compilation and update on Switzerland:

Update 29-2: In Switzerland, municipalities and cantons are battling against providers and the federal government that has auctioned the broadcasting licenses.

The municipalities and cantons argue that the adaptive 5G antennas emit at much higher peak power so that they do not comply with the current exposure limits, leading to greater health risks. Swisscom states that the licenses have been auctioned technology-neutral.

Update 28-2: The Canton of Geneva introduces a three-year moratorium on 4G+ and 5G. The amendment to the law stipulates that any new installation will be subject to a permit during this period. This applies to both ‘4G+’ a.k.a. 1st wave 5G, operating at the 3.5 Gigahertz frequency, and 5G at 26 Gigahertz, which has not yet been rolled out in Switzerland.

The amendment aims to respond to the growing concern of the population, said Jean Rossiaud, member of the Greens in the Geneva Grand Council.

“The precautionary principle prevails in

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