COVID, BLM, Identity Politics and the Global Ruling Elite


BLM is being used & funded by the ruling elite. Most people view the left-right paradigm as political reality not a ploy to distract & deceive them.


COVID, BLM, Identity Politics and the Global Ruling Elite.

The following is my opinion based on more than a decade and a half of research into ruling elites. Please be aware this sort of commentary is now considered domestic terrorism by the FBI, the national security state, and its propaganda media.

I have decided to post my thoughts on the destruction of America (and Europe) before the election. If current polling is any indication, Donald Trump will not be re-elected. Joe Biden will be the establishment’s teleprompter reader. The Senate will swing over to Democrat control. Democrats and their “progressive” (corporate-financed) allies will go after anyone to the right or left of the establishment, with the exception of groups like Black Lives Matter, which now receive millions of dollars from the likes of Citibank and the Ford Foundation, the latter long known to be a front

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