Egypt: Human rights defender forcibly disappeared for 7 days

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Egyptian security forces have arrested the human rights defender Ahmed Amasha and forcibly disappeared him for seven days.

In a Facebook post his son Muhammad announced his arrest on 18 June and said that his family had no idea where he was.

His daughter-in-law took to social media to say he was actively engaged in human rights and environmental issues and had been working in the vet union.

Amasha, a vet, was part of an international campaign urging Egyptian authorities to close Scorpion Prison, one of Egypt’s notorious detention centres where detainees are systematically tortured.

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He also co-founded the League for the Families of the Disappeared which provides legal support to families of the forcibly disappeared and organises media campaigns for the victims.

Amasha is also a member of the opposition movement kefaya.

The 57-year-old had already been arrested in March 2017 and forcibly disappeared for 21 days before appearing in front of the state security prosecution on 1 April the same year.

He was charged with joining an illegal group and was held under pre-trial detention until his release.

At the time he made a speech in court saying he

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