After the Lockdowns, Government “Fixes” for the Economy Will Make Things Even Worse

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by Antony P. Mueller, Mises Institute:

While it is relatively easy to predict that the postcorona economy will suffer from high unemployment, the outlook for price inflation is not so certain. On the one hand, there will be high government deficits and more public debt; on the other hand, given the weak economy, consumers and companies may refrain from taking on new debt and could begin to lower their debt burden.

Monetary Expansion Doesn’t Always Lead to Price Inflation

In contrast to common usage, the correct use of the term “inflation” refers to the money supply. Rising prices are not the cause, but the result of monetary expansion. However, not every rise of the money supply turns into price inflation. It can happen that the so-called price level remains stable when there are drastic shifts in the demand for goods and services that impact differently on their prices. The average will be deceiving when rising and falling prices cancel each other out and when certain goods and service vanish from the statistical basket because prices have risen so much that the demand has collapsed.

Due to the immense disruptions caused by the lockdown of the economy and because of social distancing, fundamental structural changes in

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