Hitler’s Invasion of the Soviet Union

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    The last weeks of June offer an opportunity for mainstream media (MSM) to recall the Reich’s pre-emptive strike on Bolshevik Russia. Their claim is that genial Uncle Joe Stalin was a victim of Hitler’s biggest blunder. We are led to believe that the unprepared Red Army fought gallantly, but faced by overwhelming odds fell back.


    Their duped readership is conditioned to believe Hitler bit off more than he could chew when he unleashed his armies on the Soviet Union. In view of on-going anti-Russian hysteria, we might this year be spared the palace scribblers shindig. However, this commonly held perception is a reminder that MSM in the West is as mind-conditioning as it was in the hapless Soviet Union.

    The true story behind the Reich invasion of the Soviet Union is available from Amazon. The Fuhrer’s

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