Israel’s Netanyahu to Gantz: Annexation or fourth elections

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked his partner in the power-sharing government Benny Gantz to choose between the annexation plan or heading to a fourth election, local media revealed yesterday.

According to Quds Press, Israeli Hebrew newspaper Israel Hayom, which is close to Netanyahu, said: “An embarrassing week is waiting for Israel. It is not embarrassing for the settlement enterprise, but for the whole political establishment.”

The reason, the newspaper added, is Netanyahu’s persistence to carry out his life mission: the annexation of large parts of the occupied West Bank.

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“During the talks of the coalition government, Netanyahu was surprised with Gantz’s strong opposition to the annexation plan. Therefore, he called for American support to carry out the plan, but the Americans conditioned consensus within the Israeli government,” the Israeli paper was reported to have said.

Israel Hayom said that Netanyahu insisted on carrying out the annexation plan and stressed there is not other option. It means, the paper said, either annexation goes ahead or fourth elections are held.

Israel held three elections in the space of a year after none of the leading parties were able to form coalition governments, forcing the

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