Libyan government ‘proves’ Haftar's financial corruption

Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) revealed two documents on Monday which allegedly prove Khalifa Haftar’s involvement in financial corruption. An official GNA media centre posted a copy of the documents on Twitter.

#عملية_بركان_الغضب: وثيقتان مسربتان تكشفان عن تغوّل “هيئة الاستثمار العسكري” احدى الاذرع الاقتصادية لميليشيات حفتر و تعديها على اراضي و ممتلكات الدولة و محاولات الاستحواذ على الاصول الثابتة و المنقولة للمشاريع الزراعية و غيرها من المواقع الاستثمارية بطريقة غير مشروعة

— المركز الاعلامي لعملية بركان الغضب (@BurkanLy) June 21, 2020

The documents show that one of the economic arms of Haftar’s militia, “the Military Investment Authority, took over public land plots and properties [and confiscated] fixed and movable assets of agricultural projects and other investment sites illegally.”

The media centre also published additional information and reports, including details of an agreement signed by the “Military Investment Authority” and the National Federation of Italian Fishing Institutions (NFFO) in March 2019. The agreement provides for “securing Italian fishing boats and authorising fishermen to fish in Libyan territorial waters, in exchange for €10,000 [$11,100] per month for a period of five years.”

الوثيقتان تؤكدان ما سبق و نشره المركز الاعلامي لعملية بركان الغضب من معلومات و تقارير

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