6 Essential oils for boosting the immune system

(Natural News) The body encounters countless pollutants and harmful substances on a daily basis that can really put a strain on its immune function. From the harmful chemicals found in household cleaners to the carcinogens found in processed meat, toxins can come in all shapes and sizes.

Besides eating healthier foods and getting enough sleep, healthcare professionals recommend using essential oils to bolster immune health. Outside of their pleasant smell, essential oils carry potent organic compounds and natural chemicals that can help strengthen immunity against infection and disease.

Essential oils for immune health

Inhalation is the most effective method of using essential oils for immune health. This can be done by sniffing the bottle directly, diffusing the oil or adding a couple of drops to a hot or cold compress.

Here are some of the best essential oils for better immune health:

Citrus essential oils

Citrus essential oils, such as lemon, orange and bergamot possess potent antibacterial properties. For this reason, these oils are often some of the most common ingredients in homemade cleaners.

Citrus essential oils also act as antioxidants that help combat pathogens and protect against free radical damage. In addition, the soothing aroma of the oils can help

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