BUSTED: Project Veritas exposes Facebook contractors who purposely censor conservatives, Trump supporters in violation of company policies

(Natural News) For years, conservatives and pro-Trump media have complained that the social media behemoth platforms we’ve all come to rely on for reach and as a big part of our revenue model were engaging in censorship of our content.

In addition to anecdotal evidence, researchers proved that tech giants Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others were systematically censoring, hiding or downgrading conservative content and conservative thinkers. They even have the power to change elections.

Now, a new video released Tuesday by Project Veritas features content moderation contractors for Facebook admitting they not only censor conservatives and pro-Trump related content, but they have given race-baiter CNN host Don Lemon a break over content that normally would have required the platform to disavow and delete it.

NewsBusters notes

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently stressed the company’s commitment to freedom of speech in an op-ed for USA Today. But an undercover investigation by Project Veritas into the world of Facebook’s third-party content moderators casts doubt on that commitment. 

The investigation revealed the liberal culture fostered inside Cognizant, a company under contract with Facebook to remove the content as it sees fit. Project Veritas insider Zach McElroy stated that in the Civic Harassment Queue at

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