Demand for plant-based protein rising amid COVID-19 pandemic

(Natural News) Consumer habits are changing due to the ongoing pandemic. Besides cleaning out toilet paper aisles and going organic, more and more people are opting for plant-based meat substitutes.

In fact, the demand for plant-based sources of protein has seen a resurgence across multiple countries since the beginning of the pandemic, according to recent reports from Reuters. Food suppliers speculate that this sudden boom in demand for plant protein might be due to health concerns regarding the potential dangers of meat consumption amid the pandemic.

But healthcare professionals speculate that there might be more to the resurgence of plant protein than health concerns about meat.

Editor’s note: Beware of all the toxic chemical additives found in artificial meat products. Nearly all popular artificial meats are made with GMOs, monosodium glutamate or other toxic chemicals. Many of the plant-based proteins, such as rice protein, are often contaminated with heavy metals, including arsenic. Fresh, unprocessed meat is actually much cleaner than most commercially available plant proteins.

COVID-19 is propelling the rise of plant-based meat substitutes

Dana Hunnes, a clinical inpatient dietitian at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, said that the increased interest in plant protein might be in response to a shortage of meat

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