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Video Transcript: Naturally Manage Depression by Reducing Inflammation

Okay, ABCF1. Remember, we talked about cancer being inflammatory and heart disease being inflammatory? Well, ABCF1 protein is a protein that was discovered by one of my colleagues, Dr. Wilfred Jefferies, and what’s interesting about this protein is that they discovered it while they were looking at the cytokine storm that results in sepsis. Sepsis is when you have systemic infection, and it can cause a person to actually die. It’s a very severe infection. But it’s an inflammatory cascade. And a cytokine storm that’s related to this inflammatory cascade in sepsis, it’s basically the same pathway in cancer, in heart disease. It’s the same inflammatory cascade.

Now, how many people have heard that when you’re sick, it’s natural to be depressed? One out of every two Americans at some point will be prescribed an antidepressant. Antidepressants are the leading prescribed drug on the planet. Something like 60% of the world’s population has experienced an antidepressant. And of course, they try to figure out the cause of depression. They look at blood tests, and this and that. “We can’t find anything wrong with you. You’re depressed. Here take an antidepressant.” That’s how