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Ever since Donald Trump announced he would designate Antifa as a terrorist organization, calls have emerged to internationally pursue the violent far-left mobs and their shadowy backers. Depressingly, one of Antifa’s financial sponsors is German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel Killimng Europe

The budget for Angela Merkel’s Chancellery totalled €3.19 billion 2020, of which more than half, €1.82 billion, went to the Chancellor’s Office for Media and Culture.

Despite its apparent unconstitutionality, it now serves as a kind of propaganda ministry for the German Chancellor, with its own world-wide public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (German Wave).

Now, a parliamentary query by the right-wing AfD party has revealed over €1 million out of Merkel’s media/propaganda budget 2019 went to fund Soros-funded NGO Neue Deutsche Medienmacher (New German Media Makers), whose goal is to increase diversity in German journalism by promoting ethnic minorities

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