Economist Predicts: There Will Be No Dollar Rally

A lot of people still have faith in the dollar. Some people even believe the dollar is set to rally. Santiago Capital CEO Brent Johnson is one of those people.

He bases his dollar bullishness on what he calls “the milkshake theory.” In his podcast this week, Peter Schiff explained why the milkshake theory is all wet.

Peter Schiff has been saying that the real crisis will be a dollar crisis. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Peter was talking about the dollar’s demise. During an interview on RT last September, he warned that America’s “fiscal profligacy” was going to sink the dollar.

The unprecedented Federal Reserve money printing and the massive borrowing and spending binge by the US government in response to COVID-19 have only accelerated the process. In March, Peter said during his podcast, “I think we’re very, very close to a major collapse of the dollar, a major breakout in the price of gold, to a breakdown in the bond market.”

But not everybody is bearish on the dollar. In fact, Brent Johnson believes there will be a dollar rally.

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