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by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

On  Monday night the Seattle Police Department announced on Twitter that they will retake control of the police precinct overrun by Antifa domestic terrorists and their allies in the violent BLM mob.

This was after the shootings this weekend in the lawless CHOP zone.

Tonight The Gateway Pundit learned that a host ofconservative groups and possible hundreds of activists were planning to descend on the hellhole and restore order.

BREAKING: CHOP GETS THE CHOP! Seattle Mayor Announces City Will Retake East Precinct in the CHOP Zone (VIDEO)

Bikers for Trump – Boots On The Ground, Proud Boys, and several other patriot groups have been coordinating a march on CHOP next month, according to Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio.

The former congressional candidate said that early estimates showed over a thousand people were prepared to retake the CHOP zone, spread across a half-dozen or more groups.

“We informed Seattle Police Department that we were prepared to clear out the domestic terrorists peacefully and remove debris. We have seen rapes, assaults, and murderous shootings plague this so called “carnival like atmosphere” that was described as a “summer of love” by the Mayor