Seattle CHOP Leaders Tell Protesters to Go Home, Support “Revolutionary” Candidate Joe Biden

A new study into the impact that “viral” incidents of alleged police brutality have on crime found that in riot-hit cities like Baltimore and Ferguson, excess homicides and felonies rapidly spiked following highly publicized incidents.

The study was conducted by Tanaya Devi and Roland G. Fryer Jr for the National Bureau of Economic Research.

“For investigations that were not preceded by “viral” incidents of deadly force, investigations, on average, led to a statistically significant reduction in homicides and total crime,” states the study. “In stark contrast, all investigations that were preceded by “viral” incidents of deadly force have led to a large and statistically significant increase in homicides and total crime.”

In other words, due to what has been termed the “Ferguson affect,” police are seemingly more reticent to patrol high crime areas or engage with potential suspects in fear of becoming the next villain of the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to the authors, “We estimate that these investigations caused almost 900 excess homicides and almost 34,000 excess felonies.”

A new study from Devi and Fryer looked at the homicide aftermath in cities (Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Ferguson, Riverside) in which PDs were investigated after “viral” killings. Result: 900

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