Extinction Rebellion Spokeswoman Quits To Join Pro-Nuclear Group

    Extinction Rebellion’s spokeswoman has quit the protest group to become a nuclear power campaigner.

    Zion Lights, 36, has left the climate change cause, which brought London to a standstill last year, to join pro-nuke outfit Environmental Progress.

    The former XR communications head said she had felt ‘duped’ after being surrounded by anti-nuclear campaigners until she read more into the radioactive fuel.

    Mother-of-two Zion said: ‘The facts didn’t really change, but once I understood them I did change my mind.’
    Zion, who was born in the West Midlands and given her unusual name as a baby, said: ‘I have a long history of campaigning on environmental issues, most recently as a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion UK.

    ‘Now, I have quit the organization to take up a position as a campaigner for nuclear power.’

    The Environment Progress site suggests she joined their group on Sunday, with her profile dated that day.

    Zion, who was grilled on the Andrew Neil Show last year, added to City Am: ‘Surrounded by anti-nuclear activists, I had allowed the fear of radiation, nuclear waste and weapons of mass destruction to creep into my subconscious. I realized I had been duped into anti-science sentiment all this time.’

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