Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Left Will 'Steal Every Election Until the End of Time' via Vote-by-Mail

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) sounded the alarm over vote-by-mail and the danger it poses to election integrity during a Friday appearance on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Patrick drew a distinction between voting absentee, as has been done for years, and using coronavirus as an excuse to push voting through the mail as the preferred method to casting a ballot in person.

“In my view, the only way Trump loses in November, is if you have a proliferation of voting by mail in state after state, particularly the swing states,” Patrick said in a clip played during the show, adding that Trump’s campaign team is “on top of it.”

“We have to fight this at all costs,” Patrick told host Alex Marlow, saying the vulnerability could give Democrats advantages in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Patrick said he rejects the premise that voting by mail would be “safer” during the coronavirus pandemic and believes many Republicans fall into that rhetorical trap.

“Voting is not about being easier, it is about being fair and accessible. To have enough polling places, to have enough time,” he said, and noted Texas has two weeks of early voting.

“It’s part of

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