Woke or Joke?: Hollywood Faced with Ultimate Hypocrisy over Blackface

Hollywood and social justice warriors have established a new Woke standard. This standard is so sacrosanct that Hollywood elites are now demanding American statues, monuments, and history be razed and cultural history be rewritten. Now the question remains: will Hollywood purge its own ranks of all actors, directors, producers, agents, managers, film crews, photographers, and hair and makeup artists who have ever worked on a film or TV show that employed racist blackface portrayals? Will they hold themselves to their own standard?

Needless to say, the above are rhetorical questions.

With their collective platforms reaching hundreds of millions of people, the hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities is always necessary to point out.


ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel dressed in blackface in the 90s on his Comedy Central series The Man Show, impersonating black NBA legend Karl Malone.

Comedy Central

Actress-comedian Sarah Silverman donned blackface in a sketch on The Sarah Silverman Program, which aired on Comedy Central in 2007.

Comedy Central

Actor Robert Downey Jr. donned blackface, thickened his lower lip, and wore a wig in the Ben Stiller-directed 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder. Downey Jr. was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2009 Academy Awards for his blackface role.


Actor Ken Jeong

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