Pirro: Democrats Don't Want Reform, They Want Chaos — 'We Must Put an End to This Anarchy'

Saturday, Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro made her show’s “Opening Statement” a focus on the political motivations of the Democratic Party and their calls for police reform.

Pirro argued Democrats wanted the backdrop of chaos, not for police reform but to help their success for the 2020 elections.

She called on the National Guard to be federalized for the sake of restoring law and order where local Democratic Party leadership had been reluctant to act.

PIRRO: The lunacy in this country is not just about reform, it’s about the destabilization of our nation. It’s about manipulation — the left’s manipulation, causing as much chaos as possible to get President Trump out of office.

Now, equal rights and equal justice are essential. I spent my career passionately fighting for both, fighting to make sure there was a level playing field, that everyone have their day in court, that we try to make victims whole again, and that there are consequences for illegal acts. And we did so without fear or favor. That is law and order in a free society.

As a nation, we, and our laws evolve every day. In 1864, it was a Civil War. In the 60s, it was the

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