WashPost blogs shamelessly defend Antifa as too shapeless to blame for anything

Sunday, June 28, 2020 by:
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(Natural News) (Article by Tim Graham republished from NewsBusters.org)

And now on the “Monkey Cage” blog they’re promoting a leftist German professor named Curd Knupfer, who complains “Right-wing websites are demonizing Antifa.” Horrors! It’s apparently so loosely organized you can’t blame them for anything:

Antifa has been in the news lately. Donald Trump recently tweeted out his intention to declare “ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” while Attorney General William P. Barr blamed the group for inciting violence and sowing discord. Right-wing media websites are suddenly using the term much more. These discussions appear to have had real-world consequences, as armed right-wing militants have taken to U.S. streets to counter the antifa threat. But no substantial evidence suggests that dangerous antifa terrorists are threatening public safety, or even that any antifa “organization” exists.

Because antifa is a loose ideology that lacks any formal or centralized structure, others can easily use it to demonize individuals who may have little in common except their opposition to far-right actions.

Perhaps we could suggest

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