‘Teenage God’ Of Global Worrying Says World Leaders Used Her

    The “teenage God of global warming” Greta Thunberg is now feeling a sudden lack of relevance following her recent calls on world leaders to remember they should feel ashamed, according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

    It comes as the Swedish activist criticized world leaders for seeking to take pictures next to her and use the hashtag ‘#savetheplanet’ on their Instagram pictures but have subsequently “forgotten for a moment to be ashamed that their generation had let future generations down,” she said.

    Mr. Bolt said the activist told Swedish radio “she’d been used.”

    “What a shock, I never saw that coming,” he said.

    He said the teenager “was used as a prop by princes, presidents, prime ministers, politicians of all kinds, European Union, French Parliament (and the) UN.”

    “I don’t think she realized she didn’t create them, they created her.”

    h/t RCS

    Read more at Sky News

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