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Censored and censured by mainstream media, the outspoken international journalist Katie Hopkins has let the cat out of the bag. Migrant benefit-bandits are not the only ones plundering the British taxpayer’s hard-earned contributions to government.

Glasgow, a Scottish city that took in more than 4,000 asylum seekers, suffered a frenzied knife attack carried out by a Sudanese-born 28-year-old migrant.

UK-based journalist and political commentator Katie Hopkins has opened up about profit-making being the reason why Glasgow authorities are keen to defy public opinion and rushing to accept migrants.

Huddersfield Grove School in 1950 and 2014.

Media: In 2018 Glasgow was the UK local authority with the most dispersed asylum seekers, according to the House of Commons Library. Why has Glasgow got so many asylum seekers and how the decision to send them there was

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