Watch Live: COVID Numbers Inflated By CDC – Probable Cases Counted As Confirmed

On this Tuesday edition of The David Knight Show, we’ll air Infowars’ latest bombshell report detailing the new way states are counting “probable” coronavirus cases as “confirmed” cases to artificially inflate the numbers and to close America down for good.

Also, a Houston hospital says the “surge” in patients is a myth, internet censorship ramps up ahead of the 2020 election and Fauci stands to make a large profit from corona hysteria.

— David Knight (@libertytarian) June 30, 2020

Today’s News LIVE 9am EASTERN
☑️USA Held Hostage Day 106
☑️Houston Hospital says surge is a lie
☑️#FreeSpeech Bans Escalate for #2020Elections
☑️Violent Marxist/Racist Mobs
☑️Soros’ #OpenSociety Ticket? Biden/Duckworth
☑️#FauciFraud: There is NO Balm in Gilead,
just LOTS of CASH

— David Knight (@libertytarian) June 30, 2020

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