Russians Vote On Constitutional Amendments Referendum


Maxim Shipenkov / EPA / TASS

On July 1st, the final stage of voting on constitutional changes in Russia is taking place.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at polling station 2151 at the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he traditionally votes during various election campaigns. It is expected that he voted in favor of the changes.

The average voter turnout in Russia for voting on constitutional amendments at 11:00 Moscow time, according to the information panel was 56.28%.

The nationwide ballot has also been called a “poll” by experts because the constitutional changes have already been approved by Russia’s Parliament, and the public vote on them is seen as more of a national opinion poll, designed to lend legitimacy to the amendments.

Russia’s electoral commission said that 45.7% of the total number of voters registered in the Russian Federation had already voted as of the evening of June 29th.

The voting was originally scheduled for 22 April, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the vote was postponed to a later date.

The voting has been taking plane since June 25th with July 1st being the last day.

These are the in-person voting conditions that

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