LGBT activist thinks he has a plan to stop UK parents from withdrawing kids from sex-ed

July 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A video has emerged of prominent UK LGBT activist Peter Tatchell saying that forcing parents to pick their children up from school would be an effective way to stop them from exercising their right to withdraw children from sex education lessons.

A video clip reportedly from a 2018 “Pride debate” showing Tatchell discussing the UK government’s new sex education plans was posted to Twitter earlier this week. 

“On the issue on relationships and sex education in schools, some of you may know that the LGBT+ group ‘Schools Out’ in the UK has produced a website called which has downloadable lessons which teachers can use to integrate LGBT issues into every subject, so they’re not marginalised they’re integrated into mathematics, geography and so on,” Tatchell began. 

“In the UK the government is still saying that the parents of kids should have the right to withdraw them from relationships and sex education. We’re not going to win that one to stop that, but what I’m proposing and my foundation is proposing is that yes a parental opt-out should remain, but parents should be required to come to the school and take their child out of each

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