Preparing for the Potential of Independence Day Unrest and Violence

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by Daisy Luther

While most people are hoping for a peaceful and pleasant Fourth of July weekend, it’s not guaranteed this year. The United States has been ripped apart with racial unrest, a deadly pandemic, and peaceful protests that have been hijacked and turned into riots.

It wouldn’t be surprising if things came to a head this weekend

According to AlertsUSA, the Department of Homeland Security has issued the following advisory:

1. Lawful protests related to law enforcement actions and perceived government overreach are likely to persist through Independence Day and have the potential to become flashpoints for violence during upcoming celebratory events.

2. Heightened domestic tensions and the symbolism of the holiday for some ideologically-motivated extremists could mobilize a range of actors to conduct attacks with little-to-no warning.

3. Increased security around federal, state, and local buildings and monuments in preparation for holiday events