SELCO: Why It’s Very Hard to Go It Alone When the SHTF

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by Selco Begovic

I often say that survival is about being ahead of other folks around you.

If I want to “complicate” that definition a bit I would say that survival is also keeping the ability to cope with everyday tasks, stay alive, and still have the kind of life that makes you human.

What does that mean?

Survival is about staying alive of course, but to keep your self alive in an SHTF world can mean a lot of things. If you plan to live like an animal, completely without morals, it is not the kind of survival that I am talking about.

I am talking about life inside “boundaries” or a moral norm (or a religious norm, whichever suits you). That’s what actually makes us humans.

It can be a tough task. Actually, from the point of “toughness”, it is easier to refer