The China-India Trade War: Indian Boycott of Chinese Goods

The level of India’s economic boycott against Chinese imports will depend on how the two countries resolve their border conflicts and if Indian industry is capable of offsetting the shortage of Chinese goods entering the country. Although the call to stop trading with China is strong in India, it appears that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not as enthusiastic knowing the limitations of India’s industry.

Although Modi is not as enthusiastic as others in his country to stop trading with China, some have already gone ahead without any directives from the government. The New Delhi Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association banned its members from working with Chinese guests. The ban applies to 75,000 rooms in three- and four-star hotels. The association also called for reducing use of Chinese products. It is known that hotel and restaurant business activities in the Indian capital has been seriously affected by the coronavirus quarantine. Tourism recovery is yet to be ascertained. Therefore, not allowing Chinese guests in their hotels and businesses is just a cheap attempt of populism after several Indian soldiers were killed in clashes with the Chinese military in the disputed border region between the two countries.

Each new crisis in Sino-Indian relations has resulted in an increased

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