BLM Protester Dies After Being Struck By Car On Seattle Freeway

Update (07/05/2020): One of the two women hit by a driver early Saturday morning has died.

Summer Taylor, 24, passed away Saturday evening according to a spokesperson at Harborview Medical Center in a statement to AP.

The driver was identified by police as 27-year-old Dawit Kelete.

“Kelete was booked into the King County Correctional Facility at 7:24 a.m. Saturday on two counts of vehicular assault,” according to the Star Tribune. “Bail was denied.”

According to Information Liberation, Kelete flies an Eritrean flag on his Instagram page.

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Two Seattle protesters are in the hospital after a driver in a white Jaguar plowed into a group of Black Lives Matter activists early Saturday morning during a protest-related freeway closure.

A nearly two-hour-long Facebook livestream captioned “Black Femme March takes I-5” from Diaz Love ended abruptly; with about 15 seconds left, shouts of “Car!” can be heard as the camera starts to shake before screeching tires and the sound of impact are heard. –AP

The incident which occurred just after 1:30 a.m. left a 24-year-old woman from Seattle with critical, life-threatening injuries and a 32-year-old woman from Bellingham with serious injuries, according to the Associated Press.

Police arrested the driver, a 27-year-old Seattle man, according to Washington State Patrol Capt. Ron Mead, who added that the man’s motive and point of entry onto the interstate are under investigation, but that he faces multiple felony charges and is suspected to have entered the roadway by driving the wrong way on a ramp.

Seattle has been the site of prolonged unrest following the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which sparked nationwide protests. Dozens of people were arrested this past week in connection with protests as demonstrations continue after authorities cleared the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” zone Wednesday morning.

Mead said at the press conference that protesters had shut down the interstate for 19 days in a row. He emphasized that the freeway is “simply not a safe place” for pedestrians, and said he hoped protesters would cease what he termed “unlawful behavior” in blocking the interstate. –AP

“My hope is, as a result of this tragedy, protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple,” said Mead.

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