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In 2017, Lisa Schroeder received her diagnosis of triple-negative DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in situ) in the left breast. Lisa and her family felt that chemotherapy and radiation was not the answer to cancer from the beginning, so it made working with western doctors very difficult. They had seen too many people they knew get cancer again thereafter, or some sort of other bad side effects would eventually come up. Lisa and her family just knew that this was not the route that they wanted to go. Lisa is the kind of person who generally likes to get to the source of a problem rather than “putting band-aids” on them. She felt that chemotherapy and radiation was just a “band-aid.” Her real interest lied within why she got cancer and where she went wrong.

Unfortunately, like most cancer patients, she was ultimately coerced by her doctor to do two rounds of chemotherapy. She had an allergic reaction to the first round of chemo but then was convinced once again by her doctor to do a second round with a different chemo drug this time. She reluctantly agreed to both rounds under the