Undercover investigation shows UK abortionists sending pills via mail without basic screenings

UNITED KINGDOM, July 6, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — An undercover investigation has shown U.K. abortionists sending out abortion pills via mail without completing basic checks about the people ordering them.

An investigation by Christian Concern has exposed that U.K. abortion providers sent pills to every member of a volunteer “mystery client” group who all provided false details when ordering the deadly pills over the phone.

“Eight volunteers took part in an industry standard ‘mystery client’ exercise, to see if BPAS [British Pregnancy Advisory Service] and Marie Stopes UK were abiding by the law and properly caring for women,” a press statement from Christian Concern reports.

“In every case pills were sent to the volunteers, despite using false names, dates of birth and gestational dates. In one case, the volunteer gave a date that could only have led to an abortion beyond the 10-week safety limit given in the regulations,” the statement continues.

On March 30 the Westminster government authorized women in England to kill their preborn children at home by using both pills for a chemical early abortion. A government spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care said that the change was being made on a temporary basis only

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