Can We Ever Trust the Mainstream Media Ever Again?

As the thinnest of apologies and mea culpas begin reluctantly dripping from the world’s leaders and media, one can only hope the tap is turned on fully, and soon.

They clearly do not see the insulting inadequacy of their paltry statements.

They seem to not understand that when the full breadth of their participation in perpetuating the false virus narrative is inevitably exposed, those among us not desiring their heads will be few.

Their time to make amends grows short. But can amends be made? Is it too late?

Over the last few months we’ve all watched the media as it spent every last shred of credibility. We already had so little faith in them that there wasn’t much in their accounts to draw down.

Too many incredibly important events have been falsified, ignored, glossed over, and spun six ways from Sunday that out of hand one can dismiss most mainstream reporting.

Trusting the news media on the virus has proven to be a terrible mistake, and the world now suffers greatly from that mistake. At this point, our former “watchdogs of government” should be deeply ashamed. They have completely failed at their stated mission.

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